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introductions and warm handshakesWho is she?

Vanessa Laurin was born on a Royal Canadian Air Force base in 1980 to a German mother and French-Canadian father, and grew up to be a wearer of many hats, both proverbial and fashionable.

She is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and visual artist based near Ottawa, Canada. Since 1997, she has been the frontwoman of husband-and-wife duo First of June, an independent alternative band with seven studio albums to their credit. She is also the one-woman-army behind The Melancholy Project, in which she reinvents darkwave and industrial classics in her signature musical style. Her first solo album is currently in pre-production.

Vanessa is a passionate wildlife advocate whose love of the natural world is reflected in her many creative endeavours, most notably in her Ephemeral self-portrait series (2013-2016), a monthly tribute to the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. In addition to being a patron of several wild bird rescue and conservation organizations, she is the co-administrator of the worldwide non-profit Wildlife Rescue Nests project.

This website attempts to chronicle Vanessa's neverending projects and flights of fancy.

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The Specialty Songbird Nest Program is a brand-new cozy wing (pun intended) of the Wildlife Rescue Nests project. The Program is managed by the Joint Monarchs of the WRN Empire, Katie Deline-Ray and Vanessa Laurin (that's meeeee!).

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