Year 2019-2020
Frequency Monthly three-image photosets; one image from each is posted below.
Status Completed
Description An experiment in musical necromancy; breathing new life into Vanessa's lyrics catalogue.
"I fashioned the tools by my own hand
Of cunningly scavenged tooth and bone
And found a lion waiting, aye"

-- First of June, Tooth & Bone


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 1
  • "And August brings naught but fresh sorrows for anyone
    Who would rest their weary head
    How I would rest my weary head
    Bleary-eyed, I stumble lightly
    Through the carcasses and casualties"


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 2
  • "Beautiful Lorelei
    Have you seen the headlines?
    They say that we’ve poisoned the water supply
    A pinch of this, a dash of that
    When no one was looking
    No forethought for the scales and fins
    Blackened and lost"

    First of June, Beautiful Lorelei


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 3
  • "I am no Rotkäppchen
    But I doubt you would catch me
    If ever you tried or if you even dared
    I’m sorry, but I have no grandmother
    With whom I might visit or even break bread
    In this neck of the woods"

    First of June, Beautiful Lorelei


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 4
  • "When the last days of autumn roll around
    When the robins forage but few mouthfuls are to be had
    Will they know by these hollow bones
    That a little owl once sat
    Proud in the heavens here?"

    First of June, Noctua


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 5
  • "My dear, let's build a home here
    With our hands, we'll till the earth
    We'll need no map or compass
    No man will find us here
    No man will dare come near
    But we will skin the wolves that trespass
    And we'll rest easier with our bellies full of light"

    First of June, By The Shore


  • Tooth and Bone: Series 6
  • "So there you have it, there you go
    A rabbit cursed with thick dark coat
    Cornered again by a whorl of lily-white snow"

    First of June, The Chase


Vanessa's work focusses heavily on the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. As a lifelong pagan and wildlife advocate, no living creatures have ever been harmed for the sake of her art. All skulls, feathers, taxidermy and other specimens in her collection are treated with the utmost reverence. They are non-CITES, non-SARA and non-MBCA species, and were ethically sourced through reputable, cruelty-free and trusted sources.

Conservation and awareness are crucial to preserving wildlife and wild places; therefore, if Vanessa's work has inspired you to begin your own collection, it's your duty as a responsible collector to educate yourself on the legal requirements applicable to your country of residence. For example, in North America, it’s illegal to possess live native songbirds/raptors or their remains (taxidermy, bones, skulls or feathers) unless you're a legally licensed wild bird handler or veterinarian. Please, just leave that dead sparrow for the carrion eaters.

Further reading
Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES)
Canadian species at risk and the Species at Risk Act (SARA)
Migratory birds in Canada and the Migratory Birds Convention Act (MBCA)
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